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Take Action

Make a difference in the public policy environment that impacts our schools. The three most influential ways you can make your voice heard in service of great schools are by registering to vote, understanding who your representatives are, and contacting your legislators.

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The first step to taking action on charter school issues is to get out and vote. If you have moved recently or have never registered to vote, it’s easy to register online.

Register to vote online (You must have a Louisiana driver’s license or a special ID card.)

Check if you’re registered to vote.

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Invest in LCSA’s advocacy work on behalf of the Louisiana charter school movement.

Click here to make a one-time or recurring gift to LCSA and help us fight for high-quality public charter schools.

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Email your legislators and tell them you support high quality public charter schools in your neighborhood.

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Sign up to join our growing movement of local charter school champions. We will keep you up to date on important developments in local and state elections, provide information about candidates, and send invitations to events in your area.

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